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Family Law

Law Line Vancouver can help advise you on a variety of situations related to family law including pre-nups, divorce, child custody agreements, and cohabitation contracts.  If you have a question about divorce – we can help

Civil Law

Our Lawyers can help advise you on non-criminal law situations that pertain to civil law matters. If you’re interested in suing someone for damages or being sued – we can help answer questions and offer simple advice.

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Business Law

We can help with everything from starting a business to dissolving a business. Our Lawyers are experienced in a business law and can help advise you with your legal needs

Wills & Estates

Dealing with an estate can be tricky. If you have questions or need clarification on some of the complex procedures our Lawyers can help with wills, estates, probate fees, and power of attorney

Criminal Law

If you are being charged with a crime our lawyers can help you understand the implications of your charges and recommend steps you should take.

Real Estate Law

If you’re buying, selling, or renting a home – we can help answer your questions regarding the transaction, procedure and what your rights are.


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